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Residents walk past a tall, proudly waving American flag in Hampstead's town center

American Community – Hampstead Captures The Best of Democracy

In a way, American communities represent our nation in miniature. Ideally, the same principles that guide us as a people would also guide us as neighbors. But as many of us know, after years of living in traditional suburbs, not all communities are created equally or with democratic values foremost in the planning concepts.

At Hampstead in Montgomery, AL, we pride ourselves on creating a community that succeeds where so many others have fallen short. We started by asking ourselves, “What’s uniquely American about a neighborhood?” And we arrived at a vital community philosophy that drives every home, every flat, every retail storefront, and gathering space in our town center. What resulted is a community by the people and for the people.

Here’s how Hampstead embodies the greatest principles at the heart of our national identity to become one of the best neighborhoods in the region. 


Historically, living arrangements have been determined by income level. Restricted economic access to certain neighborhoods contributed to a “silo” effect within those locations, meaning most residents were of the same age, of the same income level, and at the same stages in their lives. A lack of diversity followed, leading to too many or too few elders, children, families, unmarried singles, and so on.

At Hampstead, we offer multiple levels of community entry, encouraging empty-nesters, senior citizens, singles, couples, single parents, full families, and others at various stages of their lives to participate in the community as a whole. While we have beautiful homes for sale, we also offer Hampstead Flats for stylish and sleek rental living.  

By planning for people of all walks of life (and at various stages of life), our community better resembles the complete American story to the benefit of every resident.


America’s natural beauty is central to its national identity. By all accounts, our country invented the very concept of a national park—protected, public land for the enjoyment and enrichment of all citizens. At Hampstead, we’ve taken inspiration from American icons like John Muir, Woodrow Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt by dedicating nearly 30% of our total land area to green spaces for our residents.

In Hampstead, you’ll find ample walking, biking, and hiking trails just steps away from your door. You’ll also find a playground within 3 minutes’ walking distance of every home. Open green spaces, two community pools, and the 23-acre Hampstead Lake all are yours to use and enjoy. Finally, our Hampstead Farm (run by our very own Hampstead Institute) offers children and adults the opportunity to learn about, and benefit from, our natural world. Some of the food grown at the farm even finds its way to community restaurants and kitchen tables!


Americans of all stripes are dedicated to a single, unifying idea: that if we try hard enough, dedicate ourselves, and stay the course, we can be whoever and whatever we want to be. In America, no ancient family lines empower us more than our sense of grit and hard work. Enrichment, then, is pivotal to the American spirit. For Americans, getting and being better is simply a matter of deciding.

At Hampstead, we offer dozens of enriching activities for whatever our residents decide to focus on. Our Hampstead Athletic Club offers guided fitness classes, weight training, and cardio training. Our tennis pro offers lessons and training for children and adults. We feature a community library, community shops, restaurants, and bars, and even a community Montessori school. 

At only 15 minutes by car to downtown Montgomery, residents can easily dip in and out for concerts, work, or anything else. Some of the best area schools are only a short drive away. At Hampstead, for adults and children alike, enrichment is as easy as walking out your front door.

E Pluribus, Hampstead

Some neighborhoods are designed to keep us anonymous from our neighbors. For some Americans, that’s fine. Hampstead, on the other hand, is designed like a mirror—to reflect back the best of American society to the benefit of all involved. We believe that when your community matches your country, a sense of civil & civic responsibility flourishes, and everybody grows together. 

To learn more about how Hampstead embodies the best of American principles, give us a call at (334) 270-6730 or visit us online here. Email us your questions at [email protected]

Made in the USA – Hampstead Homes & Flats in Montgomery, AL

From our ample community amenities to our available homes and Hampstead Flats, Hampstead is a community by the people, for the people, period. We build communities at the human level so that residents can live better, richer, more present human lives. To learn what life at Hampstead could be for you, visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today!

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