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Hampstead FAQs – Answering Your Questions

Compared to the average American community, Hampstead in Montgomery, AL, may seem different. After all, unlike most recent suburban developments, we don’t feel the need to monetize every single square foot of land, cramming in houses until residents can hardly breathe. We’re not exclusive to the nth degree, or a place where every home is the same in size and shape. In fact, when the building philosophy of the day is “extreme profit,” a community like Hampstead might seem rather odd indeed. 

So naturally we’re used to all sorts of questions at Hampstead. Who designed our community? Where did we find inspiration for our architecture? What is the philosophy of New Urbanism, and how does it translate to resident happiness, wellness, and peace? 

Here, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our inclusive, sustainable, people-first community. For any additional questions you may have, feel free to drop us a line anytime by calling (334) 270-6730 or visiting us online here.

What is New Urbanism?

This answer requires some minor time travel. In the decades following WWII, a booming middle class emerged in America. These middle-class families wanted new homes, not apartments or condos. They wanted driveways for cars, lawns for dogs, white picket fences.

To meet this demand, builders of that era needed land, which was often cheaper an hour or so from the cities by the newly constructed interstates. These developers provided middle-class Americans with the homes they desired, but there were consequences. 

Today, those consequences can still be felt in hour-long commutes, 20-30 minute drives to grocery stores, gyms, and entertainment, and a general estrangement between neighbors. Essentially, the suburbs of yesteryear are built for cars instead of human beings.

New Urbanism is a different philosophy, which champions building communities at the human scale, providing all necessary daily needs (nature, fitness, entertainment, learning, etc.) within easy reach. This fosters a community of neighbors without the barriers of cars and miles of asphalt.

What makes Hampstead different?

Because we purposefully designed our community at a human scale, Hampstead encourages literal human interaction, familiarity, and enrichment. When you’re just minutes away by car, bike, or walking from community amenities, you’re more likely to use those amenities and make acquaintances as you do so. 

In typical communities today, you’d be lucky to find what passes for a “clubhouse,” supported by your HOA fees. If you’re luckier than that, you may find an average pool or an under-equipped gym. You can’t meet and learn about your neighbors if you don’t use your shared resources, so you make do with (maybe) the names of your immediate neighbors and nobody else.

Frankly put, Hampstead is the complete opposite.

What amenities does Hampstead offer?

At Hampstead, our goal is to provide our residents with nearly everything they could hope to need. Anything beyond what we can provide should only be a short drive away. 

At Hampstead, we have two world-class pools, our 23-acre Hampstead Lake, our Hampstead Athletic Club (with the latest equipment and classes), tennis courts, a dog park, a natural farm, shops, restaurants, our own library, and play areas for children within a 3-minute walk of each and every home. We’ve dedicated over 30% of our total land area for the preservation and use of community green spaces to encourage a connection with nature. We even have our own Montessori school to give Hampstead children a space to learn just steps from their homes.

As an inclusive community, we also offer multiple ways to become a resident. Our Hampstead Flats come with amenities, attention to detail, and the cohesive design that we create in our homes. Most of the popular area schools are within 10-15 minutes by car, as is downtown Montgomery—only a short drive away.

Who designed Hampstead?

Hampstead is the creation of directors Anna Lowder and Harvi Sahota. Together, they worked with expert town planning firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ)—the same minds behind over 350 communities worldwide, including Seaside, Alys Beach, Kentlands, Rosemary Beach, and many more. 

Where did Hampstead’s architectural inspiration come from?

As a New Urbanist community, Hampstead draws from time-tested traditional architecture, present in the most enduring and successful communities the world over. 

The town plan and homes at Hampstead draw inspiration from every latitude and longitude, including community design features from London to Savannah, and Florence to Seaside. What results are homes that are hard to classify with just one word, hybrids of the old and new worlds for a new generation of homeowners who want a little bit of the outside world to come to them. 

Hampstead homes are built with green materials and energy-efficient components for reduced utility bills and reduced impact. 

Ask Your Questions About Hampstead

If it wasn’t clear already, we’re exceedingly proud to call Hampstead “home.” We may build roads, sidewalks, parks, and—of course—homes, but we like to think we’re building more than that. At Hampstead, we’ve built a community of human beings, families who know and trust each other, bonds that last lifetimes. At Hampstead, we’re in the “civilization” business, creating spaces for civic engagement, civic responsibility, and civic enrichment.

To ask your own questions about Hampstead, give us a call today at (334) 270-6730 or visit us online here. You can also email any questions you may have day or night to [email protected]. The best answer to most of your questions will be to visit us in person. We can’t wait to see you at Hampstead!

A Community For Now & For the Future: Hampstead in Montgomery, AL

You don’t have to live the same way middle-class Americans settled for nearly 80 years ago. At Hampstead, our community amenities mean that you never have to leave if you don’t want to. Our dedication to New Urbanist principles can be seen in everything we do, from our available homes to our Hampstead Flats and beyond. To ask your own questions about how Hampstead supports sustainability, human health, and human happiness, visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today!

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