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Heart Health at Hampstead – Healthy Living

In America, there are nearly as many places and ways to live as there are people. Across our country, young couples, new families, and retirees are looking for communities where they can be happy and healthy. 

When choosing where to live, we may consider single family homes, condominiums, duplexes, townhomes, and lofts. And when it comes to staying healthy, we similarly enjoy an abundance of options. From yoga to weight training, hiking, biking, swimming, and even tai chi, there’s a way to stay healthy for every last one of us. 

But what if you could combine where you lived and how you stayed healthy? What if there was a community where you could have it all? In honor of National Blood Pressure Awareness month, here are just a few of the options Hampstead residents enjoy when trying to stay fit and active in their community.


At its beginning, Hampstead was devised as a response to the harmful development practices of the 20th century. As urban city centers became overcrowded, suburban communities sprang up without concern for the health and wellness of their residents. Long commutes, unknown neighbors, and estrangement from easily-accessed green spaces resulted. 

At Hampstead, over 30% of our total landmass is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of green spaces. Residents enjoy unlimited access to shared hiking and biking trails, pristine picnic lawns, and even our very own 23-acre Hampstead lake—the largest of its kind in the Montgomery area.

Even a simple hike has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure, but more and more, studies are demonstrating a link between heart health and simply living near undeveloped green spaces. At Hampstead, you don’t need a car to find a hiking trail or pristine woodland scene.


It’s well documented that food and heart health are one and the same. Eating well and living well go hand in hand. At Hampstead, you have a chance to influence the vegetables that you find on your plate at dinnertime, providing you with both the exercise you crave and the food you need to stay healthy.

At Hampstead Farm, residents and whole families pitch in. Overseen and operated by the Hampstead Institute—a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to health and learning—Hampstead Farm provides gardening opportunities to adults and children alike. 

Hearth health comes full circle at Hampstead. Hampstead Farm occasionally provides produce and vegetables to community restaurants in the neighborhood’s own town center. At Hampstead, you can wake up, work at the farm, and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor throughout the growing season.


If you’ve ever tried and failed to make good on a New Year’s resolution, you know that a gym is only as good as its ease of access. Traveling anywhere from 20-45 minutes to reach your gym is a non-starter for busy couples, new families, and senior citizens just trying to keep active.

Thankfully, at Hampstead, our very own Hampstead Athletic Club offers the guidance, equipment, and communal opportunities you need to keep fit. Residents can use familiar weight training equipment or learn a new, guided workout routine.

There are more ways to enjoy and keep up a fitness routine than there are days in the year, so you’re bound to find something that fits you like a glove at Hampstead. Better still, you’re more likely to stick with your fitness routine when you’re working out alongside friends and neighbors!


Staying healthy isn’t always a matter of heavy weights or punishing spin classes. Sometimes, all you need is a place to walk in peace without exhaust fumes of careening traffic nearby. At Hampstead, you’ll find daily fitness opportunities just outside your front door.

Hampstead is a walkable community with parks and play areas within three minutes of every home. Adults, children, and even man’s best friend can enjoy a quick stroll. Hampstead’s Barking Lot dog park provides open play spaces for our furriest of friends, while open lawns and playgrounds cover impromptu picnics, touch football, and just about everything else. 

During the warmer months, Hampstead’s two pools provide a refreshing way to tan and get your pulse up. Residents can choose between the Lido Pool (the largest neighborhood pool in Montgomery) or the Pool on Long acre (a more laid back community favorite). From swimming laps to walking circles, keeping fit at Hampstead is as simple as opening your door and stepping through. 

Heart Health is Easy at Hampstead

At Hampstead, we built our community at a human scale so that you could make the most of your days and the opportunities our neighborhood offers. Getting out to do what you need to stay healthy is easy at Hampstead without 20-story elevator rides or hour-long drives separating you from the natural world. 

Our Hampstead Athletic Club makes learning and sweating a breeze, while our pools, green spaces, and miles of sidewalk bring the world to your front door. If you’ve tried and struggled to get and stay fit wherever you live, chances are good that you’re not the problem—maybe your neighborhood is.

Encourage optimal heart health at Hampstead in Montgomery, AL

At Hampstead, we’ve designed our community amenities for ultimate accessibility and regular use. Based on New Urbanist design principles, our neighborhood was created from the ground up to work for its residents. To find a place at Hampstead for you, browse available homes or learn about our Hampstead Flats. To learn more about how our community prioritizes sustainability and human health, visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today!

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