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Out with The Old – What You Won’t Need at Hampstead

As a time of renewal and regrowth, the spring season invites us to consider what we can do without. As we scour our homes for excess belongings to make room for future opportunities, another opportunity dawns on us: it may be time for a bigger change.

Hampstead is a forward-looking community in Montgomery, AL, with nearly countless amenities and life-changing daily opportunities for self-improvement and self-fulfillment. Based on the principles of New Urbanism, our community eschews the traditional isolation of 20th century suburban developments. 

At Hampstead, you have more time, more choices, and more ways to grow—just like the natural world in springtime. Here’s what you can leave behind when relocating to Hampstead.

Long Commutes & Wasted Time

Throughout the 20th century, middle class workers fled overcrowded cities in favor of new suburban developments. Lured by the promise of a lawn, a white picket fence, and a home to call their own, these Americans traded access to amenities and proximity to the office for the comforts of far flung neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this “upgrade” also resulted in longer and longer commutes. 

At Hampstead, located only 15 minutes from downtown Montgomery, our residents don’t have to choose between a luxuriously appointed neighborhood with natural green spaces and easy access to the city proper. 

For young families, Hampstead also features its own Montessori school to promote early learning. Nearby Montgomery Academy, St. James School, and Trinity School also make dropping off your children as easy as turning a few corners and continuing on to work. Without long commutes each morning and evening, you’re free to use that time for whatever you please.

Suburban Isolation

Another side effect of traditional suburban planning is the alienation we feel from one house to the next. We may know our neighbors best by the sight of their car pulling into the garage. We may know their names but not the people behind the names. But are we to blame for this estrangement, or is something else at play?

Frankly put, traditional suburban developments don’t encourage familiarity with neighbors. Without sidewalks, desirable meeting places, or shared amenities, it’s no wonder we don’t know our neighbors from Adam or Eve. 

Hampstead breaks the mold with miles of sidewalks, shared green spaces, the 23-acre Hampstead Lake, and so much more. At our community’s restaurants, gyms, tennis courts, two pools, shops, library, and urban farm, you’ll find your neighbors right alongside you, enjoying the things you share. Lifelong friendships are sure to follow when you share things you enjoy with your neighbors. 


Traditional suburban communities provide us with numerous excuses. We can’t go to the gym because it’s 30 minutes away. We can’t have a picnic this weekend because the nearest public park is too crowded or difficult to access. And we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves this Friday because the restaurants and bars we like are inconvenient to get back from safely. In traditional neighborhoods, excuses pile up fast, leading to apathy at best, poor health and unhappiness at worst.

As a walkable, bikeable, and drivable community, Hampstead offers opportunities mere steps from each and every front door. Over 30% of Hampstead’s total landmass is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of green spaces. With ample lawns, woodland, hiking trails, and scenic lake views, finding a green space to spread out on and enjoy is as easy as walking down the street. 

Hampstead’s town center hosts bars, restaurants, and retail opportunities within walking distance from every home. Our residents can delete their rideshare apps in favor of a quick and pleasant stroll to and from our world-class cocktails. For children, Hampstead offers play spaces within a 3-minute walk. And our Hampstead Athletic Club offers classes in the hottest fitness trends for beginners and experts alike. 

At Hampstead, we replace excuses with access, empowering our residents to pursue the lives they’ve always wanted for themselves. The only thing missing is you.

Out with The Old, In with Hampstead

The status quo in any walk of life can make us feel powerless or drive us to make peace with less desirable choices. But there are alternatives to the antiquated communities where we live in isolation—from opportunities and from each other.

Hampstead revolutionizes the lives of its residents by remembering what makes communities great—the human lives happening within them. Our community is built at the human scale to encourage the human desires of our residents. Don’t waste another year on long commutes, alienation, and excuses. Visit our community today and get busy living better.

Who Could You Be at Hampstead? 

At Hampstead, we’ve designed our amenities to add value to our lives. More than just a talking point or listed benefit on a brochure, our community advantages are intended to genuinely improve the lives of residents. As a sustainable, forward-looking community, we value inclusion and access above all else. To find a place to match your dreams, browse available homes or learn about our Hampstead Flats. Visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today, and start dreaming about who you could be if you lived in Hampstead.

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