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A Community for Tomorrow Today – Hampstead’s Sustainable Ethos

In the days of quick, fast, and cheap community construction, urban sprawl contributed to several critical errors that we’re still reeling from today. America’s suburbs are too far away from city centers, requiring great highways and long commutes. Amenities are 15-20 minutes away from your front door, limiting your enjoyment of what your community has to offer. Sidewalks have gone the way of the dinosaur, contributing to diminished health and diminished familiarity with our neighbors. 

In short, the way communities work today doesn’t work for the humans living in those communities. At Hampstead in Montgomery, AL, our guiding community philosophy of New Urbanism demands that our residents have everything they need right here. Hampstead is a community that encourages care for our individual and collective futures by making it easier to live better, fuller lives. Here’s how.

Health & Wellness

Depending on your community, your nearest gym could be half an hour away or more, limiting your willingness to attend that daily, late-evening workout. But at Hampstead, you have opportunities for health and wellness just steps away from your front door.

Hampstead is lined with mile after mile of sidewalk for an easy stroll or app-assisted jog. Better still, the Hampstead Athletic Club provides classes and equipment for cycling, lifting, running, stretching, or playing. 

Residents can quickly discover a new favorite exercise method in a guided class, or enjoy a game with a neighbor at any of the four nearby tennis courts. Residents are also invited to try something new at the Core Vibes Studio featuring Pilates, yoga, and stretching programs for all ages and abilities.

Getting and staying fit at Hampstead is easy all year long with multiple options to match your mood.

Sustainability & Nature

On average, your community may be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour away from the nearest public green space. Alternatively, every home in Hampstead sits (at most) a 3 minute walk away from natural green spaces. At Hampstead, we’ve set aside 30% of the community’s land for the preservation of green spaces. For residents, this means quick and seamless access to hiking, biking, boating, and even picnics with family and neighbors. 

Hampstead also features it’s very own lake. Hampstead Lake is a whopping 23-acres in size, making it the largest of its kind in the Montgomery, AL area. Perfect for boating, catch-and-release fishing, or simply sitting next to, there’s no denying that Hampstead lake ranks among our top community amenities. 

Residents also enjoy classes and volunteer opportunities at Hampstead’s neighborhood farm. Produce grown at the farm can even wind up on your dinner plate later in the day at any one of Hampstead’s restaurants and pubs. Sustainability and nature aren’t just important on the grand scale. Access to the natural world has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure.


When looking at Hampstead’s gorgeous, internationally-inspired homes and forward-thinking community principles, you might dismiss the community as an upscale neighborhood for people other than you. Thankfully, that’s simply not the case. 

At Hampstead, we invite residents of all kinds to enrich our community with their presence, no matter the income level or tax bracket. Aside from our lovely homes, Hampstead offers a variety of rental options with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms at approachable rates. Our spectacularly-appointed Hampstead Flats provide rental spaces with character and charm. All homeowners—no matter where they live in Hampstead—enjoy access to the same amenities and opportunities.

At Hampstead, we believe that a community can only be improved with a diversity of people at any stage of life or income level. Seniors, new couples, recent parents, and full fledged families all call Hampstead home.

Our Children

Children are, of course, our literal future. But where we live has a lot to do with how our children grow up. Distant suburbs aren’t the same as they were in your childhood, and cramped, downtown properties are too expensive and too removed from the natural world.

Hampstead cherishes its children by providing them with ample learning opportunities, play areas, and social gatherings beyond school. Hampstead is designed for pedestrians, including children, so that they can walk, bike, skateboard, or simply adventure out without fear. 

With ample sidewalks and play areas located within a 3 minute’s walk from every home, Hampstead’s children don’t have to go too far. A community library, a community school, a natural farm, and dozens of other opportunities cement Hampstead as a wonderful place to grow. 

With not one but two community pools, popular area schools within 15 minutes by car, and an iron-clad support network in your fellow parents throughout the community, you and your children can feel uplifted and empowered at Hampstead.

Invest in Your Future At Hampstead

A sense of responsibility sits at the heart of Hampstead’s community values—responsibility for ourselves, for each other, and for the things that we share. Our community was purposefully built to create a more optimal place to live, work, play, and improve.

We don’t have to settle for the same, tired, misguided communities anymore. Hampstead is a community built today for the preservation of tomorrow—yours and everyone else’s too.

Join a Forward-Thinking Community with Timeless Principles

Hampstead’s amenities make it a wonderful place to live, but they don’t define our community. To understand our community, you need to meet our residents. To find a place that suits you in Hampstead, browse our available homes or check out our Hampstead Flats. To learn more about our wonderful community and all it has to offer, visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today. At Hampstead, we believe that we’re never powerless to shape and improve our future. Making a better tomorrow starts with how we live today.

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