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Living Better in the New Year – Moving to Hampstead in 2022

The new year offers an opportunity to remake our lives and live them better. Resolutions—kept or otherwise—represent a sincere desire to make the changes we want most. We may commit to fitness or improved financial security, greater intimacy with our spouses or making more time for our kids. But no matter what resolutions you choose, there’s one thing in your life that can make or break your success: where you live. 

Where we live has a lot to do with how we live. If you live in a far-flung suburb, your workdays may begin and end with a long commute, costing you time. Those living downtown may have less access to natural spaces, costing them relief and happiness. Though it may not always feel like it, our lives and our locations are tightly linked.

The old saying, “No matter where you go, there you are,” may ring as true in 2022 as any other year. But when it comes to giving yourself the best chance at reshaping your life for the better, choosing the right community can help you capitalize on the most important things in life. 

For any resolution, any goal, there’s life in Hampstead.

Making Time

Throughout the middle and late 20th century, communities were built away from crowded, noisy cities. As a response to urban population density, suburbs became the go-to choice for the American middle class. Now, people live hours away from work, drive long distances both morning and night, and find themselves marooned from certain opportunities in their free time. 

City life, meanwhile, has a way of estranging us from the natural world or hemming us into our high-rise apartments. Living downtown may offer plenty of opportunity, but higher expenses can also translate to more working hours each day and week. No matter how you cut it, both the ‘burbs and the city exact a toll on our time.

Hampstead is founded on the community design principle of New Urbanism. Among other things, New Urbanism holds that residents should be able to find most of what they need (if not all of it) within their own community. For this reason, Hampstead hosts its own restaurants, bars, library, schools, and even ample green spaces. More than 30% of Hampstead’s total footprint has been set aside for nature, including the 23-acre Hampstead lake and community learning farm.

Best of all, Hampstead is located mere minutes from downtown Montgomery, cutting your commute to less than a quarter of an hour and saving you valuable time.

Getting Fit

Though it may not seem like it, fitness is also a function of where you live. Some communities lack sidewalks altogether or sit between highway interchanges and on-ramps. The nearest gym could be half an hour away, limiting your enthusiasm for that late-evening workout, and the nearest pool may be too expensive to join. 

At Hampstead, you can walk to not one, but two nearby pools. The Lido Pool is the largest neighborhood pool in Montgomery, and the Pool on Long Acre serves as a communal favorite for gathering on hot summer afternoons. Better still, Hampstead offers ubiquitous sidewalks leading anywhere you might want to go. In fact, every home in Hampstead is a meager 3 minute’s walk away from play areas and natural green spaces. 

The Hampstead Athletic Club has residents covered for all things fitness. Cycle, lift, run, stretch, or learn your favorite new exercise methods in a guided class. Four nearby tennis courts provide residents with a chance to master their backhands, while yoga masters keep residents limber at any experience level. Or try Core Vibes Studio with its Pilates, yoga, and stretching programs for all ages and abilities.

Getting fit at Hampstead is as easy as walking out your front door.


In many typical communities, it can be hard for adult couples to make new, lasting friendships. But at Hampstead, our community design principles inform the way our residents interact. When hanging out at community bars, exercising at community gyms, or even taking the family pet for a walk at The Barking Lot (Hampsted’s very own dog park), our residents are more likely to mingle.

As an inclusive community, Hampstead encourages a diversity of residents. Some are older or younger, single or married, near retirement or just getting started with their professional adventures. By keeping our community diverse, we further encourage fulfillment and socialization among our residents, opening doors to new friendships each and every day. 

At Hampstead, a community is more than just “where your home is.” Unlike so many American suburbs where you’re lucky to catch a glimpse of your neighbor before the garage door shuts, our residents live, work, learn, and relax together across the board. There are no strangers in Hampstead—just neighbors you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Keeping Resolutions 

When searching for an ideal community in the Montgomery, AL, area, it’s important to move past the simple question, “What do I want?” Instead, our residents ask the question, “How do I want to live?” At Hampstead, our founding principle of New Urbanism answers that question for us. We want to live together in a diverse community with opportunities for enrichment and growth nearby. To keep your resolutions in 2022, consider becoming part of the Hampstead community.

Better living in a better community at Hampstead

Hampstead’s great amenities only scratch the surface in distinguishing our community as the place to be. What really makes Hampstead is its residents. To become a part of our neighborhood, or to see what else life in Hampstead has to offer, browse available homes or investigate our Hampstead Flats. To learn more, visit us online or call 334-270-6730 today. Don’t let your distant suburb hold you back for another year. Make a change and live better.

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