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Keep your NYE Resolutions at Hampstead – Fitness, Fun, and Opportunity

When thinking about fitness or weight loss goals, we tend to think in binary extremes. We didn’t go for that morning jog like we planned, so why eat better today? We missed that Friday workout like we knew we would, so why train again Monday? But as New Year’s Eve approaches yet again to ring in 2022, it’s time to think about other ways to break the cycle of broken promises to yourself.

Community and resident health have been linked in study after study. Whether residents are dealing with living in a food desert, air quality from nearby industry, or a lack of open spaces for exercise, where you live has a lot to do with how fit you can get. 

At Hampstead, we’re dedicated to building better communities at the human scale. This roughly translates to giving you everything you need within your community, improving access, opportunity, and your ability to stay happy and healthy without an hour’s ride down the interstate. 

Here’s how Hampstead sets its residents up for success in 2022.

Fitness with a Capital F

The gym: America’s cornerstone for fitness goals and, yes, broken fitness goals. For communities across America, the gym may only be 15, 20, or 45 minutes away. But when structuring your life around your fitness needs, proximity to healthy opportunities is key.

At Hampstead, you can walk to your community gym where there’s a way to get moving for each and every person. The Hampstead Athletic Club has everything residents need to keep their 2022 fitness goals. 

The Hampstead Athletic Club already features the best and latest weight training equipment you expect in addition to dozens of healthy classes. For community accountability and having fun as you get fit, the Athletic Club offers classes in kettle bells, TRX suspension bands, yoga, cardio, core training, and nearly every other kind of exercise you can name. 

Residents can also find 4 tennis courts with a club pro. At Hampstead, it’s never too late to learn how to get fit on your own terms.

Alternative Athleticism

For many of us, exercise may not be our idea of fun. But the good news is that you can have fun while exercising, intentionally or otherwise. 

During the warmer months, Hampstead residents enjoy the benefit of not one but two community pools. The Lido Pool is the largest neighborhood pool in the Montgomery region, providing plenty of space to spread out for laps, games, or just good old-fashioned relaxation. The Pool on Long Acre, meanwhile, serves as a community favorite for gatherings, tannings, or mild bouts of aquatic exercise as the case may be. 

The community also boasts its very own Hampstead Lake—23-acres of beautiful blue water perfect for boating, fishing, or just jogging past on your morning routine. For nature buffs, it’s important to note that nearly 33% of Hampstead’s total area has been set aside for preservation. What results is numerous parks, lawns, clearings, tree lines, and luscious green spaces for wandering through on your afternoon walks.

Incidental Exercise

Sometimes, the best kind of exercise happens on our way to achieving another goal. Imagine how much more successful your fitness journey would be if you could walk to restaurants, libraries, shops, etc. Not only could you spare yourself the gas money and boring drive, but you might even burn a few calories on your way to enjoy an adult beverage or excellent local meal.

Hampstead incentivizes residents by including dining, drinking, shopping, and learning opportunities within walking distance of each and every residence. While the opportunity to take a 15 minute walk to and from dinner may not sound life changing at first, when taken together throughout the course of the year, these instances of activity can add up to precious pounds lost, retained, or gained. 

Residents can even get their pets in on the action by taking man’s best friend for a thrilling walk around the neighborhood or by visiting the local social club for our four-legged companions—The Barking Lot. Miles of sidewalks, community bars/restaurants, and walkable green spaces can all help residents burn calories throughout 2022.

Keeping Promises to Ourselves 

Making a decision to take better care of yourself isn’t a binary, and each day spent in the pursuit of your fitness goals is more than just a zero or a one. The best fitness journey is the one that engages, suits, and works for you each and every day from here on out. Where you live can help you make or break that New Year’s Eve promise to yourself.

At Hampstead, the health and happiness of our residents inspires community design and amenities. We’ve designed our community around what you need rather than what we’re willing to give. Any good fitness goal accomplishes identical success by relying on more than just one way to get fit!

Get and stay in shape while having a blast at Hampstead.

Communities serve the needs of their residents by empowering them to keep their fitness promises. If you’ve tried everything to lose weight or get into shape in the past, where you live may have more to do with your setbacks than you might think. To learn more about life and fitness at Hampstead, check out our great amenities. Browse available homes or investigate our Hampstead Flats by visiting us online or calling 334-270-6730 today. 

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