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Hampstead’s Community Flats – A Place for all Tax Brackets

In many American neighborhoods today, there are invisible gates. You can’t find these gates at the front or back entrances. You may not even find them physically represented at all. But these gates are present nonetheless in the price tags of the homes, in the property taxes, or in the local economy itself. 

Since the urban sprawl and wayward design principles of the middle of the 20th century, American communities have been walled off by the invisible gates of economic circumstance. When every home in a given community costs X amount, only certain people have the opportunity to become a part and contribute to that community.

At Hampstead, we believe in sustainability and diversity among our community and its members. If you can’t afford a home in Hampstead right now, that may change in just a few years. You’ll still want to live in a gorgeous community with ample amenities and good spirited neighbors. In any case, your current tax bracket shouldn’t prevent you from taking one step closer to your dreams.

For the in-betweeners, the soon-to-be homeowners, the empty nesters, and dreamers of just about any age, there are the Hampstead Flats.

Strength In Diversity

It’s a common misconception that people who fit roughly into the same tax bracket as you are similar to you. Friendship, camaraderie, networking, and opportunity don’t distribute themselves among tax brackets set by the IRS. Human beings are more than their paychecks.

At Hampstead, we believe that ideal communities include people of varying economic and personal circumstances. We also hold that the more diverse a community’s members are, the stronger that community will be. For children, having friends from all walks of life teaches empathy, understanding, and compassion in ways that almost nothing else can. And adults can (and should) know better than to make lasting connections based solely on income levels.

We’re stronger together, no matter who we are, and a community that excludes those who (for whatever reason) can’t or aren’t ready to make a significant investment on a home is not a community at all.

For these reasons and numerous others, Hampstead offers a place for everyone at Hampstead Flats.

The Flats

Hampstead Flats are luxury rental properties in the very heart of our neighborhood, near all the shops, pubs, restaurants, school, and library near our community square. With 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments available for families of all sizes, the flats themselves represent a diverse community within an already diverse community.

Upper James Street Flats

1 & 2 Bedroom Luxury Flats

Various Layouts and Sizes

The Upper James Street Flats create a timeless streetscape at this intersection of Portman Street, located steps from Hampstead Farm and the convenience of the Town Center. At the height of luxury for rentals in Montgomery, these direct-entry units offer excellent privacy without also sacrificing convenience. Located on the ground or second floor of this tasteful two-story building, the Upper James Street Flats feature private garage parking on certain units. 

Ideal For

Anyone and everyone looking to get on their feet in style. Single parents, new couples, and expecting parents fill out the Upper James Street Flats with room to spare.

The Flats at Marylebone

1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Units

Consisting of 36 luxury apartments located in an ideal East Montgomery location, The Flats on Marylebone High Street come with views of Hampstead’s multi-sports field. The Flats are located mere steps away from the community favorite Tipping Point bar and restaurant, as well as numerous other neighborhood amenities. 

Designed with brick exteriors, industrial metal details, and energy efficient windows, the interiors feature contemporary finishes and offer a variety of floor plans. Adjacent on-street and rear lot parking make access a breeze. Flats residents can also enjoy the pool located near the rear parking lot.

Ideal For

Two-children parents, single residents with their eyes on the prize, and newly married couples just getting started will enjoy the Flats at Marylebone, as can empty nesters with connections to nearby downtown Montgomery.

The Flats at Long Acre

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Units

These 16 beautifully detailed Flats are located on Long Acre just steps from the Town Center and all its shops, restaurants, and pubs. Centered around a landscaped private Courtyard, The Long Acre Flats feature beautiful interior finishes and a contemporary layout.

Features include: a brick exterior with premium insulation package and energy efficient windows, luxury interior design with contemporary elements, granite countertops, gorgeous tile selections, custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances, polished concrete floors (downstairs), wood and carpet (upstairs), and so much more.

Ideal For

Young, modern-leaning couples will absolutely love the Flats at Long Acre. If you work from home, share a job with a roommate in the city, or would just like a beautifully appointed apartment to live in while you start saving for a house, these flats are perfect for you.

The Modern Mews at Hampstead

1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Homes

The Modern Mews is a contemporary take on the classic, historic mews of London. Each home has 2 stories with an embedded garage and small outdoor courtyard. The garages feature glass and metal garage doors, and can be used as a home office, gym, or media room in place of parking. 

All units have direct, private front door entry from ground level. There are no shared interior spaces, giving full privacy. On-street parking and a nearby parking lot provides additional guest parking. With room to spread out or create a dedicated space for work or hobbies, the Modern Mews invite inspiration and innovation.

Ideal For

Empty nesters, retirees, artists, architects, hobbyists, and trendy couples with or without children will fit right in at The Mews.

Something for Everyone

Innovation, inspiration, and chance encounters require wayward elements and diversity. To think and live outside the boxes established by the wrong-headed design principles of 70+ years ago, we need diverse communities fueled by the ambitions of rising residents and tempered by the knowledge of established residents.

At Hampstead, our pools, lawns, lake, fitness center, spin classes, tennis courts, acres of preserved green space, and sidewalks are for residents of every stripe. Frankly, it’s this diversity of thought and passion that makes Hampstead great.

Start your dreams at Hampstead with Hampstead Flats.

Hampstead Flats provide a luxury foot in the door for residents with passion, imagination, and ambition. Rent today so that you can buy nearby tomorrow in one of our tailored, unique flats. To find the flat that’s right for you and your dreams, learn more here. You can also learn more about our great amenities and neighborhood by calling 334-270-6730 today. 

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