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A Young Boy Riding A Skateboard Down A Sidewalk

A Neighborhood Like the One You Remember – Hampstead

What do you remember the most about your neighborhood growing up? Long before you paid any kind of attention to crime statistics, community gossip, or newer, bigger residential developments, what did you enjoy about your community as a child? 

For “latchkey kids” of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, chances are good that you remember the freedom you had in your old neighborhood. You might even remember an old wooded lot where you used to play or the way you and your friends could skateboard or bike from house to house without worry. 

These days, neighborhoods like the kind where you grew up are few and far between. The residential housing boom of the last two decades leveled that lot where you used to play. The streets don’t feel as safe as they used to. Even the great October tradition of trick or treat may not happen at all in your old neighborhood these days. 

Hampstead is a community like the one you remember from your childhood—a vibrant, connected place where residents value opportunities and freedoms for adults and children alike.

A Kid’s Wonderland 

Starting with Hampstead’s children, our community was designed from the ground up with those same old neighborhood values foremost in our minds. To create an inclusive, connected, safe place, Hampstead made sure to design for walkability, biking, skateboarding, and whatever else you can think of. 

With ample sidewalks and play areas located within a 3-minute’s walk from each and every home, Hampstead’s children don’t have to go too far from their front doors to find safe places to play. Drawing inspiration from the wooded places where we ourselves used to play, Hampstead has set aside 30% of the entire community for the preservation of green spaces. 

Unlike the overgrown lot where we played as kids, Hampstead’s green spaces are expertly manicured, safe, and nearby, providing children and parents with the peace of mind they deserve from their community. Better still, Hampstead’s design principles inspire greater connection between neighbors and other nearby families, providing both kids and parents with appropriate playmates.

A community library, a community school, a natural farm, and dozens of other opportunities round out Hampstead as a wonderful place to grow up.

Adult Wonderland

Even though we’re older, we still get the itch to play or run until we’re tired. Our motivations may be a bit different from when we were kids, but we still share that same need. At Hampstead, adults have everything they need to stay active, be healthy, and enjoy life within walking distance. Pubs, restaurants, and shops can all be found and explored in Hampstead’s community square. 

For health, the Hampstead Athletic Club has residents covered. Spin, run, lift, swim, or stretch your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle at the athletic club, either with guided community classes or at your own free pace. Tennis lessons are also available from the club pro at any of Hampstead’s four courts. Learn a new sport to play with your spouse, friends, or others in the community to enjoy working on the perfect backhand swing. And don’t miss Core Vibes Studio with its pilates, yoga, stretching and core strengthening classes. 

Family Wonderland

After meeting the individual needs of both adult and kid residents, Hampstead offers everyday opportunities to make memories as a family. When the weather’s nice, you can find plenty of company at one of Hampstead’s two community pools. Our Lido Pool is the largest of its kind in the Montgomery, AL, region, and our Long Acre Pool serves as a neighborhood favorite for games, reading, sunbathing, and anything else you can do near, in, or on a beautiful, clean pool.

Hampstead’s community farm offers both parents and kids the opportunity to learn, cultivate, and ultimately grow their own food. With classes for everyone covering nutrition to planting season, Hampstead’s farm is a magical place where every resident can learn to communicate with our greenest neighbors.

Finally, for our furriest, four-legged family members, there’s The Barking Lot—Hampstead’s own meet-and-mingle dog park. Hampstead also boasts its own lake, appropriately named Hampstead Lake. As the largest lake in the city of Montgomery, AL, Hampstead Lake features 23 acres of beautifully sparkling water and wide green lawns for impromptu picnics anytime of year.

Better than You Remember 

At the end of the day, we may not want our children to grow up exactly as we did. In fact, we’d probably prefer that they grew up in an even lovelier, freer community full of like-minded kids and parents who value the same amenities as we do. Hampstead is that community.

Driven by New Urbanist design principles and the simple belief that—with enough planning and care—we can all work together to build the community of our dreams, Hampstead was built in the hopes of creating the neighborhood we remember from our more innocent years, only better.  

Safe, sustainable, bursting with opportunity—Hampstead.

Hampstead has made a lasting impact on its residents and the generation of children that have already started their journey into adulthood here. But to hear just how much of an impact our community design principles have made in the lives of our residents, check out these testimonials. To browse available homes or learn more about the great amenities in our neighborhood, call 334-270-6730 today. 

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