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Spotlight on the Hampstead Institute – Sustainable Giving

Creating a community that works for both its residents and the surrounding areas requires  nurturing a community’s heart. But too often in American neighborhoods these days, the heart can be difficult to find. 

In traditional neighborhoods, urban sprawl, long commutes, poor design, and alienation from one neighbor to the next make forming that community heart a near impossibility. Living among row after row of nameless neighbors is less than ideal when it comes to collaboration and an open way of living. 

Hampstead was designed in another direction, based heavily on the principle of New Urbanism, which calls for a return to community roots and sustainability. As part of Hampstead’s dedication to nurturing its community heart, we formed the Hampstead Institute—a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Here’s how the Hampstead Institute makes a difference and how Hampstead residents support that difference together.

The Institute’s Mission

The Hampstead Institute believes in crafting lasting places where people can live, grow, and learn. We promote building community through design, education, and wellness for all ages, using Hampstead as a focus for study and innovation. 

Founded in 2008, the Hampstead Institute oversees the Hampstead Farm, organizes community events, interacts with other nonprofits, and promotes life-long learning and wellness through initiatives within Hampstead and the wider region.


At Hampstead, we believe that so much of the estrangement and quiet discomfort in American communities today results from uneven access to the things that make life worth living. That’s why the Hampstead Institute focuses on sustainability in food, access to nature, education, and philanthropy. When we have everything we need to thrive, we’re more generous with our time, energy, and resources.

As the overseers of Hampstead Farm, the Institute plays a vital role in educating area adults and children about healthy eating habits, cultivation, and how our care for the natural world impacts how we enjoy our community. To that end, the Institute fostered the creation of EAT South—an urban teaching farm featuring numerous educational and nutritional initiatives. 

Ultimately, some of the food that Hampstead and area residents learn about, nurture, and grow ends up on the plates of Hampstead’s restaurants and kitchen tables—a win/win for everyone involved.


At Hampstead, self-improvement through education has no age limit. We strive to inspire our adults and our children to continue their development throughout their lifetimes, which starts with enthusiasm for learning at a young age.

The Hampstead Institute is proud to support the local Montessori School at Hampstead for this exact reason. Just as our residents are never too old to learn a new skill, we believe that our children are never too young to start on the miraculous path toward curiosity and understanding.

The Montessori School at Hampstead is a private, nonprofit educational center based on the same principles of early childhood education that have fostered some of the greatest thinkers of our time. With a responsive, individualized learning approach, children are taught to pursue what excites them, inquire more deeply about their world, and enjoy the simple act of discovery.

Spreading the Word

The Hampstead Institute isn’t content to make waves in the local community alone. As a beacon of New Urbanist principles, trying its best to correct the design mistakes of the middle 20th century, Hampstead believes in sharing what it has learned about community with others.

To improve other communities, the Hampstead Institute hosts other, like-minded developers for New Urbanist workshops and experiences on sustainability, architecture, traditional planning principles, and incremental development. The hope is that other budding communities—built now or soon to be built—can learn from the initiatives started in Hampstead and create better places to live at the human scale.

Learning Today, Living Better Tomorrow  

Promoting lifelong education is vital for communities with heart. Hampstead is constantly learning alongside its residents about how to create a better, sustainable community where life is simply more richly lived. 

The best things in life truly are free, but it takes a community of believers to make the change they wish to see in their community and their world. To become a part of Hampstead’s vision, learn more about our institute or browse available homes today. 

Lend your heart to a community with heart at Hampstead.

Optimism, charity, education, heart—among the principles of Hampstead and its institute, you won’t find any 4-letter words. At Hampstead, we believe in communities making a difference. To that end, we take action to improve the lives of our area and its residents. To become a part of the New Urbanist movement, or to continue your own lifelong education, call 334-270-6730 today. 

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