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New Urbanist Fall – Seasons in Hampstead

Autumn is a time for family and community. The changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and festive nature of the season encourage both literal and figurative warmth. Fall is the preamble to the turning of another year, granting us both perspective and gratitude. For residents at Hampstead, fall means making the most of the community and it’s exceptional amenities.

As a New Urbanist Community near Montgomery, AL, Hampstead is designed in such a way to accentuate and capitalize on the changing natural landscape. New Urbanism is a community and design philosophy that arose in response to the estrangement of suburban America, meaning—in essence—that you shouldn’t have to drive hours on end just to find nature. 

At Hampstead, residents have just about everything they need within walking distance, including hiking trails, a community farm, pools, shops, restaurants, and so much more. Here’s how residents make the most of the season in Hampstead.


When we think about the fall season, we naturally think of bright leaves, damp hikes, and cool evenings spent around a fire in the open air. Hampstead is designed to make natural opportunities like these accessible on a daily basis—no hours-long drive or weekend commitment necessary.

Starting with the natural landscape on which Hampstead is built, you’ll find a whopping 30% of the community’s land preserved for green space. Put another way, nearly ⅓ of the community is set aside for resident enjoyment. For residents, this green space amounts to ample opportunity for hiking, biking, picnicking, and even impromptu family gatherings on open lawns. 

Hampstead’s 23-acre lake—the largest of its kind in Montgomery—is perfect for boating, catch-and-release fishing, or a chilly midday picnic with your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage. Residents also enjoy classes and volunteer opportunities at Hampstead’s neighborhood farm. Produce grown at the farm can even wind up on your dinner plate later in the day at any one of Hampstead’s community restaurants and pubs.


A community is only ever as good as the way it attends to its children and families. At Hampstead, play is part of everyday life for both children and adults. Home to the Montessori School at Hampstead, and within a convenient drive from The Montgomery Academy, St. James School, Trinity School, and Holy Cross Episcopal, Hampstead is blessed with children and families who need a place to relax.

For kids, the large natural spaces at Hampstead provide opportunities for community games of soccer, kickball, frisbee, lacrosse, tee-ball, and just about anything else. To make play even more accessible, Hampstead features room to play within 3 walking minutes of each and every home.

For adults, Hampstead prioritizes play as a form of fitness. Tennis facilities feature 4 flexi-paved, lighted tennis courts with an on-site PTR certified tennis professional. The Hampstead Athletic Club features treadmills, bikes, weight machines, free weights, TRX, and numerous opportunities for learning new workout skills. Classes of nearly all kinds are available to members year round. 


Fall is the perfect time for trading stories, meeting new friends, and connecting with neighbors. Hampstead was designed with community facilitation first and foremost in mind. Unlike so many other suburban neighborhoods where neighbors pull into their garage, close the door, and are seldom seen again, Hampstead is built to encourage meaningful interactions.

With mile after mile of sidewalks leading to neighborhood bars, restaurants, shops, schools, gyms, parks, and the community farm, neighbors are more likely to pass each other on any given day. Friendships spark, families meet, and the community grows stronger. 

To foster a diverse community, Hampstead has homes, townhomes, mews, and flats available for residents of all income levels and walks of life. What results is a community built for everyone by everyone—a natural place to enjoy the changing seasons and the best things in life.

Another Fall 

As fall descends on Hampstead, our residents are making the most of their community. But where will you be next fall as the leaves yellow and the air chills? To become a part of our New Urbanist fall—this season and next—browse available homes or contact us for more information about our world-class community right here in Montgomery, AL.  

Children are the foundation of Hampstead’s vision

Sustainability—of life, happiness, and community bonds—is the primary mission of Hampstead. Unlike the community building principles popularized in the middle of the 20th century, Hampstead is built at the human scale with its residents in mind. To learn how you can become a part of our neighborhood, contact us today at 334-270-6730. 

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