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Growing Up at Hampstead – A New Urbanist Playground

The value of any community is directly related to the quality of life it provides for its children. That a community is comfortable, stylish, and accessible for adults hardly matters if it’s less accommodating to its most impressionable residents. In fact, the mark of any good community is how it enhances the daily lives of every resident—from toddlers to adolescents, adults to the elderly.  

Hampstead’s community vision includes children in a big way. Parenting “takes a village,” as the saying goes—a truism reflected in Hampstead’s community design. Driven by the principles of the New Urbanism philosophy, Hampstead’s amenities have been curated to create spaces for learning, playing, reading, and all the other activities that—when taken together—define the act of growing up. 

At Hampstead, designing a responsible future is a primary preoccupation, one that obviously and enthusiastically includes our community’s children.


Tolerance, compassion, and even out-of-the-box thinking can all trace their roots to early childhood development. Where children are involved, communities are more than just the sum of their parts—they’re social breeding grounds for some of life’s greatest virtues. To foster a diverse experience for both parents and children, Hampstead prides itself on the range and inclusivity of its residents.

At Hampstead, residential options exist for people of all ages, all stages of life, all races, and all creeds. What results is a community that’s more representative of our world, bringing inspiration from every walk of life just as Hampstead’s architecture takes inspiration from global traditions. In a similar way, children look to their peers as sources of information and as behavioral templates. The more diverse a group of children is, the more diverse the thoughts, actions, and imagination of those children.


In typical suburban communities, children line up at the bus stop for a 15-45 minute ride to school each morning. The traditional community planning of the 20th century overvalued distance—the distance between home and school, school and fun, children from other children. Things couldn’t be more different at Hampstead.

Within the community itself (mere minutes from each and every home) children have access to schools, libraries, and even a learning farm. Hampstead has a place for every child from 18 months of age to junior high. The Montessori School at Hampstead prepares children for a lifetime of inquiry, investigation, and curiosity while also developing some of the most critical life skills at a critical moment in life. Additionally, Hampstead is conveniently located a short drive away from some of the area’s most prestigious private schools, including The Montgomery Academy, St. James School, Trinity School, and the city’s premiere public magnet schools. 

Proximity, opportunity, and amenities combine to encourage community engagement and unduplicatable learning experiences.


Play among children (and adults, for that matter) reinforces bonds, strengthens the imagination, and ultimately, leads to happier, healthier human beings. Without the spaces and amenities necessary for play, most typical urban/suburban communities require residents to venture beyond their neighborhoods.

Play is a vital part of Hampstead’s community with ample opportunities for both children and adults. Hampstead Lake is the largest lake in the city of Montgomery. Walking paths and wooded parks all lead to Hampstead Lake’s 23-acres of tranquil scenery. Ringed in lawns—perfect for weekend picnics, family gatherings, or just throwing around a ball—Hampstead Lake is a pristine backdrop for any and all outdoor activities.

Hampstead also features not one but two pools—the Lido Pool and the Pool on Long Acre. Beyond the splashing and laughing, there’s also community sports, ample outdoor spaces, tennis courts, a dog park (The Barking Lot), and over 120-acres of open space for use of any and all kinds. 

Taking a Village

The needs of our children are the obligations of our communities. As the adults in the room, we’re capable of looking ahead for our children’s sake, anticipating their needs as far ahead as 20 years and as immediately as this very morning. Children thrive with access—access to other children, access to learning, and access to play. What they do with the rest of their lives may be beyond our control, but at least in the right community, we can give them everything they need to make better decisions for themselves.

Children are the foundation of Hampstead’s vision

With an eye toward today, tomorrow, and far in the future, Hampstead continuously finds new ways to strengthen our bonds and enrich our lives. At Hampstead, you can find nearly everything children could want within walking distance or mere minutes away. To become part of Hampstead’s vision, browse available homes or contact us for more information at 334-270-6730

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