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Building for Tomorrow – Sustainable Living in Hampstead

When we think about the word community, dozens of other words pop up in our minds. Surely the word family comes next, followed by words like neighborhood, comfort, and—after a second or two—the word future. Of all these terms, the word future stands alone as the most revealing about us. 

When we think about making a big move to a new place, we permit ourselves to dream about the future. Gradually, we give that future detail. We see the sidewalks, the homes, the streetlamps snapping on near dusk. We’re programmed to think highly of that imaginary future. But if we cling a little too desperately to our rose colored glasses, we may miss another word that the term future naturally implies: Responsibility.

To maximize our investment, enjoy our neighborhood, and guarantee the inheritance of our children, responsibility (and its cousin term sustainability) must be a part of our communities from here on out. But how do you build for those other words—family, neighborhood, comfort—while also accounting for responsibility? At Hampstead, that question has many answers.

Home Sweet Home

When building a sustainable community, no amount of planning or public space will compensate for underwhelming architecture or flat-out boring homes. To sell the idea of a responsible community, you have to start with gorgeous, sustainable dwellings. 

As a New Urbanist community founded on the time-tested principles of successful, global cities, the homes at Hampstead are like few others. Drawing inspiration from every latitude and longitude—New York, Santorini, Morocco, Rome—the homes at Hampstead elude easy classification. They’re hybrids of the old and new worlds, of East and West, made for a new generation of homeowners who want a little bit of the world to come to them. 

Best of all, Hampstead homes are built with green materials and maximum energy efficiency components for reduced utility bills and reduced impact. Hampstead proudly features the first Energy Star home in the state of Alabama—a monument at the intersection of exquisite design and responsible building principles.

Home on the Range 

Each of us needs room to roam and reconnect with the natural world. Year after year, new studies show that, while in nature, humans experience numerous mental and physical health benefits ranging from stress relief to reduced blood pressure. The effects of asphalt and dirty red brick, on the other hand, have not been as thoroughly documented. 

From abundant natural preserves to community gardens and working farms, Hampstead is devoted to maximizing the healing properties of our green world. At Hampstead, you’ll find 30% of the community’s 416 acres devoted to natural spaces. Many of these spaces allow children room to play and provide whole families with ample space to walk, run, picnic, bike, or just get ever so slightly lost among old oak trees and meandering waterways. 

Man’s best friends can stretch their legs at the communal dog park affectionately known as “The Barking Lot.” Residents can also drop a line in Hampstead Lake or take a shift at the Hampstead Institute’s community farm. Vegetables grown on site are often sent to Hampstead’s many restaurants for dinner or lunch. Hampstead’s devotion to green spaces and communal wellness extends from green space to green space, providing easy access to natural splendors and all their benefits.

Close to Home

Hampstead’s founding principle of New Urbanism developed out of a need to bring people closer together. As a direct response to the urban sprawl, cookie-cutter homes, and hour-long commutes of the 20th century, New Urbanism pledged to improve design at the human scale for better human living.

At Hampstead, you’ll find schools, restaurants, bars, a library, tennis courts, yoga studios, and gyms. Hampstead boasts not one, but two pools for the enjoyment of sunbathers and splashing children alike. No matter where you live in Hampstead, you’re only ever a 3-minute walk away from a natural area or playground. Effectively, Hampstead provides for every conceivable community amenity within the neighborhood itself. What could be more sustainable than that?

Learn more about Hampstead’s commitment to sustainable living.

The decisions we make today contribute to the future our children will inherit. Sustainable living and world-class architecture combine to create a responsible, gorgeous neighborhood that residents can be proud of. To become a part of Hampstead’s community vision, browse available homes or contact us for more information at 334-270-6730 today! 

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