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Shared Spaces & Shared Lives – Hampstead’s Community Amenities

It’s easy to think of a community as little more than a collection of homes and buildings. At best, there may be a clocktower here, a pool there, a nearby gas station or grocery store. But building a true community requires more than a loosely assembled collection of structures. A true community relies on the frequent, fulfilling interactions of its residents and the strengthening of those most crucial bonds.

At Hampstead, we’re guided by a different community philosophy, informed in everything we create by the principle of New Urbanism–a response to the cold, distant, highway-linked communities so popular in the 20th century. 

By designing a sleek, practical, and inclusive town, we foster a deeper sense of community amongst ourselves and our neighbors. Function and form come together to enhance life at the human scale.

But even the best philosophies require evidence, and principle is only ever as good as practice. Hampstead’s abundant amenities are designed from the ground up to create ample space for communal wellness, leisure, education, and enrichment. 

Communal Wellness

The richest lives make the most of their physical and mental health. 

For physical health, Hampstead proudly offers not one but two community pools. The Lido Pool is the largest of its kind in the Montgomery region, while the Pool on Long Acre–with its comfortable lounge furniture and shaded play areas–serves as a community favorite. 

Meanwhile, at the Hampstead Athletic Club, residents can get their sweat on by cycling, running, weight training, and attending a full range of activities as part of the club’s mind and body programming. To improve both mental and physical health, a little play on any one of Hampstead’s four tennis courts should also do the trick. Or how about a soccer match on the huge soccer field?

Residents with a green thumb can enjoy numerous opportunities at the Hampstead Farm–a working farm and community garden featuring regular educational opportunities. Produce grown and nurtured by community members is often sent to local restaurants within the community, creating a circle of satisfying labor, growth, and nutrition.

Communal Leisure

New Urbanist communities pride themselves on human-powered accessibility. That translates to walkable spaces and, of course, spaces residents actually desire to walk to. 

Hampstead Lake is the largest lake in the city of Montgomery. Walking paths, wooded parks, and customized estate lots all lead to Hampstead Lake’s 23-acres of tranquil water scenery. Ringed in grassy lawns–perfect for weekend picnics, family gatherings, or just a throwing around a ball–Hampstead Lake is a pristine backdrop for any and all outdoor activities. Best of all, the lake’s depths and its creatures are also yours to enjoy while fishing on a sunny day.

For a little leisure with our furriest of friends, Hampstead offers its signature fenced-in dog park: The Barking Lot. Like their owners, Hampstead’s resident dogs can meet, greet, and play themselves silly, all within the park’s safe boundaries!

Communal Enrichment

The splendor of a well-considered and purposefully designed New Urbanist community is one thing, but our connection with the natural world and the renewal we receive from it is another. 

Over 30% of Hampstead’s 416-acre community is reserved for green spaces. Residents don’t have to walk far to find a park, natural preserve, community garden, or great, wide green spaces. At its core, Hampstead believes that contemplation and play come naturally to us so long as we’re given the space.

Hampstead’s streets are slow and shaded by trees. The sidewalks are wide. Residents of all ages and walks of life enjoy dinner at the local restaurant, followed by drinks at the community pub. Hampstead contains its own branch of the public library. Residents enjoy restaurants, salons, a Montessori school, shops, and dozens of other local businesses, all created with their community in mind.

All together, Hampstead is constructed to supply itself with what it needs–a sustainable principle directly reflected in planning and human considerations.

Communal Education

Hampstead enjoys close proximity with local private schools such as the Montgomery Academy, St. James School, Trinity School, and Holy Cross Episcopal. The area’s newest public schools, such as Park Crossing High, Johnnie Carr Middle, and Jim Wilson Elementary, are also just minutes away.

But for that extra boost every child deserves, the community offers its own Montessori School at Hampstead. Children ranging from 18 months of age to elementary age can engage their minds and awaken their inspiration through time-tested Montessori principles. 

Educational opportunities also exist at the community farm, at the public library’s storytime, and in all of the community’s playgrounds and parks. 

Communal Living 

Principle meets practice throughout Hampstead’s New Urbanist Montgomery Community. So much more than a collection of structures and open spaces, Hampstead creates interactions and encourages friendships and associations that enrich our everyday moments and last a lifetime.

To learn more about Hampstead’s community amenities, or to browse available homes, contact us today!

Hampstead has more amenities than can be comfortably shared in a small space. While no community can claim to have all of what we need all of the time, Hampstead has most of what we want when and where we want it most. To become part of a community like few others, or to visit our community and browse available homes, contact us at 334-270-6730 today!

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