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a large Hampstead Community Visionin front of a house

The Hampstead Community Vision

Boston, Savannah, Paris, Rome–by scrutinizing even a few of the world’s greatest cities, we can uncover something vital about the concept of “community.” How we build a community, and to what end, ultimately informs the lives that transpire there. 

The quality of a community can directly impact the quality of the human experience. Sadly, for many of us searching for a “home” near Montgomery these days, we’re forced to consider economic or geographic factors rather than a community’s ethos.

But what if economic and geographic factors weren’t the only driving forces? What if a community’s vision included people and families of all ages and all walks of life having access to each other and to the amenities they need?

Community Vision

In the eternal debate between form and function, a third option exists–one exemplified by Hampstead’s community vision. 

By developing a sustainable, architecturally striking community with practical access to nature, leisure, and wellness opportunities, we can satisfy both the functions of daily life and the forms that lift our spirits and inspire us.

Hampstead’s community is a hybrid of old-world concepts and new-world requirements. This philosophy of New Urbanism capitalizes on what makes the world’s greatest cities great while innovating for aesthetic depth and enlightening design.

New Urbanism

Springing from the problematic urban sprawl that emperiled our sense of community in the latter half of the 20th century, New Urbanism is a philosophy dedicated to building at the human scale. 

When commutes exceed hours or when 20-story apartments put too much air between us and the ground–between us and our neighbors–New Urbanism arises to find a better way. Walkable streets, housing and shops in close proximity, and open spaces dedicated to the enjoyment of nature typify just a few of New Urbanism’s foundational principles. 

New Urbanism values that sense of “neighborhood” that’s so often absent in modern communities. And by partnering with the architectural and town planning world leaders in New Urbanism, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, Hampstead has created a community that isn’t just beautiful to live in but beautiful to behold. 

Community Features

No matter how well meaning, a concept can only be as good as its application. In Hampstead, New Urbanism isn’t just a guiding principle, it’s a literal building block.

At its core, Hampstead is a vibrant mixed-use community consisting of homes, condos, restaurants, shops, workplaces, schools, and centers for wellness. Unlike other so-called “exclusive living communities,” Hampstead advances a sense of togetherness by offering a home to match your lifestyle and budget.

From townhomes and spacious courtyard plans to flats, starter homes, empty-nester plans, and estates, residents of all ages and stages of life can bond through helping one another, celebrating together, and enjoying a richness of community seldom found in modern neighborhoods today. 

Classic Community

Hampstead and the guiding principle of New Urbanism agree that a community is built not with buildings and parks, but with human connection. Residents make a community, not the other way around.

By designing a sleek, practical, inclusive, and sustainable town, we permit and foster a deeper sense of community amongst ourselves and our neighbors. Function and form come together to enhance life at the human scale, and it all starts at Hampstead.

For a true community experience, or to browse available homes, contact Hampstead today!

Communities require people. Together in our shared spaces, linked by sincere neighborly affection and collectively awed by architecture and natural splendor, we can live deeper, more connected human lives. Hampstead and New Urbanism may draw from great cities of the past, but they do so with an eye on the future. To become part of our community, browse available homes or contact us at 334-270-6730 today!

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